Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Goodbye September

I am so glad I had September but I am so glad to see it go!

Here are the things I am glad to see go:
My mom having a near death experience.
The start of school.
The first dance of the school year.
3 Friday night football games I had to work at.
The Damien football game. (Catholic High School fans are not Christian!)
The aftermath of having a wedding at your home.
My mom moving far too many things to my already bursting at the seams house.
Moving my mom out of her apartment.
Crazy parent week at work.
Slacker student month at work.

Here are the things that made it worth living through:
My mom having a near death experience and living to tell about it.
One month of work is finished.
One dance is over.
We don't play Damien again until 2011.
Rachel is married to an awesome man.
We were able to pare down my mom's s belongings to a manageable amount...
The next move will be easy.
The crazy parents give you the best stories to tell your friends.
Slacker students need mothering...and I'm good at that.
Going to New York for our 33rd anniversary and my 53rd birthday...seeing 3 plays (Mary Poppins, Patti Lapone in Gypsy, Young Frankenstein), 3 public art waterfalls, eating tomato soup at Sarabeths, attending the Manhattan Temple, watching BYU beat the pants off UCLA, having room service (for my first time ever), relaxing, walking, shopped at Macy's and had a great Reuben sandwich.
Having a picnic with baby Drew.
And last but not least...Baby Zoe's blessing.

As I look back at the month I can't help but see how the good times always outweigh the bad and that most experiences turn out for the best. Now if I can just remember that when I'm going through the worst of it so I will be able to show more gratitude for all the lords blessings. October looks lets get on with it!


Brecken said...

great blog....miss you guys terribly.

Renee said...

How do you have the ability to make me cry from hundreds of miles away (and while I'm at work no less!)?? It sounds like September, while difficult, was filled with things to be grateful for. Even if you couldn't see it at the moment, how wonderful to be able to savor it now, particularly when it's over! Love you!

Noah and Tiffany Garfield said...

I'm glad that October is here for you too! Man what a month!!! Like you said, the good things make it so worth it. New York sounds like it was so fun! I hope November is fabulous!!! You and your Mom are in our prayers. We love you! :)